Seminar: Emotion, Self, & the Brain – PSY 420

    A  writing-intensive course to explore the concept of emotion and the self from behavioural- and brain-based perspectives. Topics include pleasure/pain, anxiety/fear, mental health, psychotropic drugs, sexuality, eating, decision-making, and emotional regulation.

Cognitive Psychology: Attention & Memory – PSY 220

    Survey course covering concepts and methods used in cognitive psychology, along
   with specific findings related to information processing, learning & memory, and attention.

Behavioural Neuroscience – PSY 210

    Introductory neuroscience covering: cellular anatomy/function, neuroanatomy,
     neuroendocrinology, methods, sensation & perception, emotion, brain rhythms,      
     neuropsychopathology/mental health

Statistical Methods in Psychology – PSY 200

    Introductory course covering: research design, distributions, standardized scoring,
     regression, correlation, sampling & probability, hypothesis testing, t-tests, ANOVA

Sensation & Perception (w/ Lab) – PSY 313

    Course covering: research methods, neuroanatomy, visual/auditory/haptic/olfactory/
     gustatory neuroscience and behaviour, including a weekly 2-hour lab

Academic Research and Writing – ARW 250

    Introduction to the discovery and communication of ideas. Course covered topics
     such as: How to research, write and present ideas effectively, thinking and reading
     critically, thesis development

Brain & Behaviour (w/ Lab) – PSY 225

    Neuroanatomy (with dissection), methods, sensation & perception, hormones & sex,
     emotion, reward & addiction, neuropathology, psychiatric disorders

Biological Basis of Psychology – PSY 104

    Psychological history, methods, neuroanatomy, neuroendocrinology, learning, memory,
     sensation & perception, emotion, consciousness